Felix Possak Entertainment
Calgary Harpist, Accordionist, Banjoist, Guitarist, Pianist, Vocalist.
Entertainer extraordinaire and multi-lingual vocalist delivers
professional musical presentations of every genre for every occasion:
Oktoberfest, Mariachi, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, Caribbean, International Standards, Latin American, Classical Music, Dixieland Jazz, Celtic, Country & Western, Sing-Along, etc.
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Wedding Music


Brighten up the most important day of your life with some exquisite harp music.
The harp is a beautiful sounding instrument, it is visually attractive and makes a statement of elegance and class.

An amplification system is provided when required (usually for outdoor performances).

Personal consultation is included for bride and groom to choose the music and to discuss special requests.

The service consists of:

Ceremonial Music (Prelude, Processional, Signing of the Registry, Recessional)

Reception Music - Easy Listening Music (Light Classical, Popular, Themed music)

Dance and Listening Music for after dinner

Each of the above services is available separately or combined.

Provision of a public address system is offered as an extra service. It makes it possible for the congregation to hear the marriage commissioner's speech, the couple's vows and promises.