Felix Possak  
Calgary musician - entertainer extraordinaire,
multi-instrumentalist and multi-lingual vocalist 
delivers professional musical presentations of every genre for every occasion:
  International Standards, Ragtime, Celtic, Old Time Country & Western, Blues, Dixieland Jazz,
Caribbean, Sing-Along, etc.
Depending on the nature of the engagement Felix plays:
accordion, autoharp, banjo, balalaika, bouzouki, dulcimer, guitar, harp, mandolin, piano.

All presentations are available by solo, duo, trio or quartet.
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Pete Seeger - his time and contemporaries.

In this tribute to the great folk artist Felix brings the 60s back to life with songs by:
 Woody Guthrie, Huddie Leadbetter, Elizabeth Cotton, Tom Paxton, Oscar Brandt, Phil Ochs, Theodore Bikel, Ian Tyson, Gordon Lightfoot and others.
He performs on classical and flat top guitars, extra long neck 5-string banjo (an original VEGA Pete Seeger model), Appalachian mountain dulcimer and Oscar Schmidt autoharp.
Audience participation is encouraged  https://youtu.be/1olMECCXBm4 and also https://youtu.be/AjwHitgjoKQ